About PMI Pawn & Gold Brokers

Are you looking for a trustworthy pawn shop in San Jose, CA to sell your gold? At PMI Pawn & Gold Brokers, we specialize in purchasing gold. We also provide general services for all types of merchandise. We have been providing reliable services to clients for over 30 years. We are conveniently nestled in San Jose to better assist you.

When you step into our shop, you will always receive the special treatment that you deserve. We respect each clients privacy and personal situations. We will buy your gold in pretty much any condition, and we will pay top dollar for it. Our sales associates are very experienced and we will always give you the respect that you deserve.

When you find that you haven’t worn that gold broach or an old model watch in 20 years, bring it to PMI Pawn & Gold Brokers. Our pawn shop in Santa Jose, CA offers the best service around and we give you the best financial turn around. Call us at 408-496-0545 for more information regarding a specific piece of jewelry or gold item. Our team is skilled at our trade, and we will give you the most up to date information.


PMI Pawn & Gold Brokers is a local pawn shop in San Jose, CA and we have been providing elite services for over 30 years, you really can’t go wrong with that kind of experience. Call our pawn shop at 408-496-0545. Our services include;

* Buy Gold
* Buy & Sell Jewelry
* Jewelry Appraisals
* General Pawn Shop Services